These are the coolest makeup products I’ve ever discovered! The pictures do not do them justice (thanks gloomy Pittsburgh)! If you’ve never heard of Colourpop Super Shock Shadows, you are in for a treat. If you never wear makeup, you will love these shadows!! I promise. They are so low maintenance, you can apply it with your finger. They are only $5, which isn’t a problem unless you want to BUY. ALL. OF. THEM.

I get compliments specifically on my eyeshadow every time I wear them. They are so creamy, pigmented, and not chalky at all. I have dry skin and dry eyelids, and I just hate powdery looking eyeshadow. These last forever on the eyelids and don’t crease, and I’ve heard they work on oily skin as well. My mom loves them too!


Amaze, I Heart This, Fringe, Girly, So Quiche, Meow, Desert, Get Lucky

They feel like you are touching a wet sponge; it’s the weirdest feeling. You can move the shadow around in the pot because it’s so soft. You have to be careful not to drop it, because they break and fall out easily. (I’ve never broken mine though, and they’ve been to Salt Lake and back.) The sparkly shades do get glitter everywhere, so I love the pearly ones the most. They also have matte ones now I’ve never tried. If I wear one with glitter, I have to pat it on my eyelid and wash my hands so I don’t get it all over my face.


So Quiche



Amaze, I Heart This, Fringe, Girly, So Quiche, Meow, Desert, Get Lucky

I’ve been wearing Girly almost everyday on my eyelids with Desert in my crease. Get Lucky is one of my favorites, I feel like I need to protect it and buy 2. Amaze would be gorgeous on green eyes if you like glitter. I Heart This is my favorite glittery one. It’s a silvery, champagne pink.

You have to buy them online, since they are a newer makeup company located in Santa Monica. Make sure you sign up for their email list to get $5 off.

I recommend Girly, Desert (if you like to put shadow in your crease), Get Lucky, Liberty (pure silver, I want!), and I Heart This or Fringe ( so similar). 😉 I want to try Girl Crush (matte purple) as well. I think it would look so good on brown eyes. Of course, Get Lucky (gold) looks gorgeous on blue eyes. Did I forget any eyes out there???!!




Mini Obsession: Ben Nye Cream Blush


Without Makeup, With Makeup, Makeup With Blush

I have had this blush for awhile now, but just recently fell in love. I bought it because the color was “natural”, and I am all for natural looking blush!

DSC_0050 DSC_0058

Doesn’t it look like an odd colored blush in the pan?DSC_0055

I never used it because I couldn’t apply it smoothly enough. Then I discovered this e.l.f professional brush for only $3! DSC_0067

It was recommended by a couple youtubers so I picked it up and totally love it! It’s the Small Stipple Brush from the e.l.f. studio line. I’ve seen it at Target and Walmart. Brushes that have white bristle tips means it doesn’t apply as much product to your face. I just dab the brush gently in the blush, stipple on my cheeks up and own, and then swirl gently.

It’s easy to go overboard so just make sure you don’t go too close to your nose or under your cheek bone. Here is a picture showing what I mean. You don’t want to look like a clown with too much, and you can easily make your face look wider instead of long.


I’ve been wearing this blush everyday! I love cream blusher because I have dry skin, especially in the winter. Cream blushes generally look more natural. Every time I wear cream, someone mentions my skin.





Crazy Hair Magee

Anyway, this blush is only SIX DOLLARS. The downside is, you either have to search for it at a store that sells theatrical makeup or order online and possibly pay shipping. I ordered it (and a bunch of other stuff) from Camera Ready Cosmetics. I’m thinking of trying the NYX cream blushes ($7) tomorrow. We’ll see if they work just as well.

Before & After: Marie

MarieBefore&AfterEveryone knows I have the best mom in the world. I was laughing the whole time doing her makeup. She is genuine and can make anyone smile. She never sees the outside of someone until I point it out. She really is beautiful!


MarieBeforesShe was a trooper for someone who doesn’t think makeup is as fun as I do. She was getting reallllll tired. It may have taken me 4 hours to figure out how to take pictures only to end up using auto function on my camera. I also want to get it out there that she wouldn’t let me do her hair.

Marie kept saying, “if you could do 20 old-people’s makeup or 10 young-people’s makeup, which would you choose?” and “Oh this is great, these pictures are going to be at my funeral.”


The most important step is to prime the face. Your face should be cleaned and moisturized. I do makeup all the time, and some people just won’t  wash their face. It’s like making bacon and then pancakes in the same pan. My mom’s face was squeaky clean, don’t you fret.

Next, I primed her face with the Pore fessional by benefit. Oh. My. Goodness. Can you see the difference?? If she just wore this and nothing else, her complexion would look a million times better. I don’t have big pores, so I don’t religiously use this stuff; but if I had big pores, this is what I would use!

NoseThe left side doesn’t have any primer and the right side does. AS IF IT’S NOT OBVIOUS FROM THE PICTURE. 🙂


If you don’t own a good eyelash curler, I highly recommend you get one like this.  We picked up two the day after this and really like them so far! I’ve converted Marie.

tools Makeupused lipstick DSC_0380

My biggest tips for aged beauty are less is more, even out your skin tone, and apply a bright lipstick to distract from the unwanted wrinkles. However, I honestly like the wrinkles cornering the eyes. I also highlighted MareBears cheeks. ShimmerCheekSo fresh and pretty. It was a pleasure doing business with you Marie. Thanks for sitting in a hard uncomfortable chair for so long and making me laugh.


Once again,  everything we used is pictured. Here are the links for everything:

CeraVe lotion

CeraVe Cream

Mac Strobe lotion

Porefessional Primer

Mac Fix Plus

Mac Highlighter Soft and Gentle

Sephora bronzer in Los Cabos- matte

Mac paint pot in Bare Study

Loreal Voluminous Original Water Proof Mascara

Anastatia dipbrow in Dark Brown (I think it was a little much on Marie looking back at pics)

Clinique under eye concealer

RMS concealer in #22

Mac Boldly Bare lip liner

Revlon Siren lipstick

Mac Prep and Prime highlighter in light boost

Urban Decay pencil eyeliner

Sephora eyeliner– 5th Avenue

Loreal foundation (love this, the key is to wear barely any with a damp beauty blender)

Blush – not sure what color

Lashes and Glue– knot free

And here are the links to what Marie decided to buy after:

Sephora lipstick in Truth or Dare (cheaper dupe for bareMinerals Lead the Way, I LOVE this color on brunettes)

Eyelash Curler


Eye liner

Annnd for the record, I LOVE doing makeup on the young AND old.

Samantha’s 1st Birthday

My baby doll turned one! Samantha spent the day going to church, being a little kitty on top of the couch, napping, opening presents, and eating cake for the first time.


Phill told the missionaries to come over for cake, and I wasn’t sure if there was enough, so at the last minute, I made the chocolate cake. It took 3 hours from start to finish.

I used this recipe and love it!


I decided to do a Pat the Bunny cake about a month ago, and went and bought the book at Barnes and Noble. It is so cute! Don’t get the flimsy paperback copy. I copied most of the process for the cake using this blog, but used different recipes.


I wanted to make a cake that would only be appropriate for a 1st birthday. I love that “Sam is sooo big” and that she could “pat the cake.”

I love my little bean-muncher! She is smart, loves to explore new toys, and eats anything. The primary kids are so curious about the fact that she eats everything. They place little threads and gross things in front of her at church to see if she will eat it.


The cakes took all my time, so we literally microwaved frozen burritos for dinner.


This was the first cake I’ve ever covered in fondant. I bought Satin Ice and kneaded in the food coloring. It got a little dry from kneading it for so long in cornstarch. Maybe it was rolled too thick, but it didn’t taste very good that first night. Today I tried another piece, and it tasted so much better?! So much to learn. My mom stayed up late Saturday night with me watching “Shark Tank” and “Cake Boss” while I assembled the cake.

IMG_8926 IMG_8927 IMG_8928

IMG_8930  IMG_8933IMG_8941


DSC_0554 DSC_0545 20141019_194840

Before & After: Kelsie


You know you have a beautiful friend when you can’t tell the before from the after. Those are my favorite kind of makeup looks!


The first thing I did on Kelsie was find a perfect match foundation. You want to make a line, blend it in a little, and not be able to see it at all. We used RCMA foundation color OL-1.

Then we cleaned her face and moisturized with Cerave. Next I applied the foundation and used it a little thicker to cover the red spots. Then I added MAC’s paintpot in Painterly to her whole eyelid using my finger, and applied MAC’s pigment in Melon on her whole lid. Then my FAVORITE part–> we lined the top of her lash line with Urban Decay’s black eyeliner and topped it with MAC’s pigment Blue Brown. It looked gorgeous in person!

Kelsie Before & After 032
The swatch on the left is without any eyeliner underneath. The dark eyeliner makes it pop! You could use green, blue, or black eyeliner.

Kelsie mentioned, and I agree, that when you like a makeup look, you want to see everything used. So here it is –> everything I put on her face, insignificant or not. Click on the item names below to find where you can get them.


Eyelash Curler
Painterly Paintpot
Lip Liner
Pigment-Melon and Blue Brown
Eyebrow Powder, Nose Contour
Setting powder
Highlighter Inner Eyes and Cheek Bone
Sponge from Tjmaxx


Kelsie Before & After 071